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This spider is one of the well-known species of the genus Latrodectus. The black widow is a medium-sized spider, as black as pitch, with red spots on the abdomen. It lives in a funnel-shaped canvas, under rocks, among weeds or in soil depths. Female’s venom is very dangerous for people (males almost never bite). An injection of venom from a black widow spider can be lethal, being similar to viper’s venom or the cobra’s venom and causing very serious symptoms, known as latrodectism (hence the species name).

The organs through which the poison is inoculated are in the form of pliers and are linked to the special organs, which occupy much of the space of the cephalothorax, with a capacity of 3-5mg of neurotoxic venom. This contains about 12 amino acids and some protein fractions, one of which has extremely powerful toxic effects. The good news is that the spider can inject only a very small amount of venom. The bad news is that this amount is sufficient to cause terrible pain to the bitten one, restlessness, facial grimacing, hypertension, irregular pulse, acute abdomen, nausea, vomiting and so on. The most vulnerable are young children, the elderly and the one who suffer from heart disease. If you suspect a black widow’s bite, go immediately to the hospital. There is a very effective treatment that suppresses pain.

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