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Beagle is a dog breed of medium to small size. This breed belongs to the hunting dogs and is small, with short legs and soft and longer ears. The initial purpose for the Beagle dog was to smell the prey, generally rabbits, in hunting. This dog has a highly developed olfactory sense and an instinct to track that recommends it for missions like the detection of banned substances. If you research a dog breeds list of characteristics you will notice that the beagle is very intelligent and vigilant. Beagles are very popular as pets because of their size, temperament and lack of genetic health problems, for treatment and vaccines it is recommended to use pet medicine from vet medic.

Dogs of this breed have a solid and stout body. They tire hard but they don’t need too much exercise, although joggings should be done regularly to avoid the weight gain to which this breed is liable. This dog is rarely aggressive or shy. It enjoys the company and it quickly becomes friends with strangers, and this is why it is not a very good dog for guard. The Beagle dogs are very friendly with children and this is one of the reasons why they are such popular pets. A lot of people check out a complete dog breeds list before buying a pet but we can assure you that this particular breed is compatible with all types of people, especially children. Being a pack dog, it can be very attached to a person and suffers at goodbyes. Also, it gets along well with other dogs. Like any small to medium sized dog, the Beagle dog lives about 12 years.

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